WHISNews21 December 2016/32

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For a $15 donation we will send you the HQ PDF files as a special delivery to your dropbox or directly to your printing company or store, if you wish to print a high quality magazine for your own personal collection. You can however click on the download banner above the magazine and print out a good quality 2500×3300, JPG File, to print on your home printer for personal use for free. The PDF files are professional print quality and the size of the PDF file is almost 500 megs therefore it cannot be sent via normal email. Dropbox or similar needs to be used for delivery to you. Just for your own info, Kinko’s has printed some magazines for artists from the PDF files and it seems that the average price for one magazine at Kinko’s, which is an American store, was less than $20 for one magazine of 12 pages.

Magazine FrontPage + Editorial on special till mid December at only $100

Free magazine will not be available when magazine prices are on promotion, Thank you.

To be featured in WHISNews21 weekly magazine please mail us at airplay@whisnews21.com