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My name is Victoria Eman and I live in the county ‘Gelderland´ in The Netherlands, but I am of European-Indonesian origin

3e6a7ddSince 1991 I started singing at Talent shows in The Netherlands together with my sister Vanessa Eman as a duo. We won several talent shows at that time and/or ended up high in the finals. I have a musical family; my father, brother and two sisters also can sing.

VictoriaEmanAfter a few years of doing paid gigs I stopped singing with my sister and came in contact with musicians who asked me to become the singer of their Band(s).

Since 1996 I am a Singer in several Bands. At this moment I am the Singer of my Band ‘What So Ever’. Apart from being a Singer in my Band I recorded many (cover) songs in various music styles but since September 2014 I started recording ORIGINAL Country songs, written by several GREAT Singer/Songwriters from the USA and the UK (you can find all my songs on my YouTube channel, here on ReverbNation, on the Nashville Universe site and on my Facebook page: ‘Singer Victoria Eman’).

Vic Holdroyd

Vic Holdroyd

In July 2015 I released my first Album ‘Change of Direction’ with ORIGINAL Country songs, written by GREAT Songwriters from the UK and USA, via CdBaby and many Digital Download stations. At this moment I am busy with recording a whole Album with songs of Songwriter Vic Holdroyd from the UK. This Album is due to release in April 2016.

VictoriaEman001At this moment many Radio Stations are promoting my songs worldwide. My goal is to become a more well-known Artist/Singer in the Country music genre because Country music was always my favorite genre.

Both Victoria and Vic are hoping the Disc Jockeys and Radio Stations worldwide will take the time to download and add these original songs to their playlists for airing on their radio shows and radio stations made available here for the first time on AirplayExpress.

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Victoria Eman – Meet You On The Moon [Vic Holdroyd]

Victoria Eman – Kissing You In The Moonlight [Vic Holdroyd]

Victoria Eman – Second Honeymoon [Vic Holdroyd]


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