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VicHoldroydheader001International Country Music Songwriter “VIC HOLDROYD”  Available Worldwide On AirplayExpress
Vic Holdroyd is a British Country Music Award Nominee for Album of the Year and Original Song of the Year 2011
PRS/MCPS member, who went through some of the deepest valley’s a man could find during his life, yet he never gave up.

vicVic Holdroyd is a British songwriter, who fought a really hard battle and won – he survived. Vic is one of the music business best songwriters, and is very well known worldwide, from London to Holland, USA, Australia you name it and back again.

maxresdefaultVic had a great musical education during his youth, by virtue of the fact that he was born in 1946, and had a wonderful varied mix of music to hear on the radio. In the 50s his older brother was buying 78s of Elvis, Everly Bros, Buddy Holly etc. etc., and he quickly learned the lyrics by heart. Vic sang in a 60s covers band, which unfortunately lead nowhere special! Then in the 70s his life became like millions of others…. family, mortgage etc. and unfortunately no money for guitars etc.

vic01Fast-forward to the late 80s and that’s when Vic tried his hand at writing Pop songs. He had a little success, but health-issues slowed me down for a few years. In 2009 he decided to try writing Country Music songs, and found much success in pitching his songs to various singers, thanks to the magic of the Internet.

Since then Vic has spent most of his retirement trying to improve his songwriting, and having good-quality demos produced. He recorded various singers in quite a few different countries and this has encouraged Vic to persevere at what started off as a hobby, and now become “his day-job”!  AirplayExpress is extremely proud and honored to feature the songwriting skills of such an amazing songwriter as Vic Holdroyd here and sincerely hope that Vic never gives up on new DAY Job as we believe he is doing a great job at it.

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The songs of ‘Vic Holdroyd’ Independent Songwriter

Kimberly Moses – I Love Brad Paisley [Vic Holdroyd / Steve Owen]

Victoria Eman – Meet You On The Moon [Vic Holdroyd]

Kimberly Moses – Now or Never [Vic Holdroyd]

Victoria Eman – Second Honeymoon [Vic Holdroyd]

Kimberly Moses – I need my Rock’n’Roll [Vic Holdroyd]

Victoria Eman – Kissing You In The Moonlight [Vic Holdroyd]



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