Top 20 November 2016

AirplayExpress 2016 Top 20 Available here for the Month Of November 2016

The AirplayExpress Top20 most downloaded songs of the week, are compiled by Wildhorse Entertainment from official stats supplied by AirplayExpress for a period of not more than 7 calendar days. The Top 20 songs of the week are the ones that have been downloaded by disc jockey’s radio stations and music professionals for worldwide airplay exclusively from AirplayExpress. This program is also made available to radio stations for airing and can be listened to or downloaded at AirplayExpress under the RadioWorld heading for your convenience 24 hours a day.




Please note the songs are not linked to the downloads as these songs can only be downloaded by AirplayExpress members being Disc Jockey’s, Radio Station, Promoters, Artists, Recording Companies or fans who have permission from their Idols. You can also go to AirplayExpress and register as a member and add your profile free for now as the window will soon close.

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