Top 10 Bubbling Under February 2017

AirplayExpress  weekly Top 10 Bubbling Under Chart  Available here for February 2017

The AirplayExpress Top10 Bubbling Under songs of the week, are compiled by Wildhorse Entertainment from official stats supplied by AirplayExpress for a period of not more than 7 calendar days. The Top 10 songs of the week are compiled from downloads at AirplayExpress and playlists of  disc jockey’s radio stations and music professionals who aired these songs worldwide and posted their playlists on AirplayExpress playlist board or who sent them directly to AirplayExpress.

Below the weekly chart for January 2017, Week 09 Displaying the Top 10 Songs bubbling under the AirplayExpress Charts this week most based on downloads & reported airplays

Please note the songs are not linked to the downloads as these songs can only be downloaded at AirplayExpress by searching for the titles in the search box, please note if the song you are searching for is not available for download then we don’t have the permission to offer it as a download.