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OriginalAERelease4WorlwideAirplayIntroducing Independent Superstar Recording Artist and Songwriter “Roger Bergan”

Roger Bergan - Skydiver - Front CoverRoger Bergan (37) from Norway, grew up in the village of Fon in the municipality of Re in Vestfold county, Norway. Roger has in a very short time established a big “family” of fans around the world, because of his straight from the heart lyrics, and personal sound. Roger lost his father, when he was only three years old, who died of cancer at an early age of only 34 years .This terrible tragedy would prove to influence the choices that has led him to where he is today and the song “Question to God” is an example of that. This song has influenced and touched many people from around the world, who after hearing this amazing song, contact him sharing with him their own heartbreaking stories of loss.

Roger Bergan - Skydiver - InlayIt has been said by his thousands of fans that Roger`s favorite expression is “Global Thinking.”

“A song is so much more than just a text. The mood of the music, and everything between the lines can also be crucial. It’s up to you what you want to relate to and feel when you hear it.” said Roger Bergan.

This is a great collection of songs and Roger thanks Disc Jockeys worldwide in advance for airing the songs from “Skydiver” they download from AirplayExpress for possible playlisting on their radio shows and stations.

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The Music Of Roger Bergan on AirplayExpress For Worldwide Airplay


Roger Bergan – Loose Cannon (Roger Bergan)

Roger Bergan – Learn (Frank Wedde)

Roger Bergan – Hard Working Man (Frank Wedde)

Roger Bergan – Skydiver (Roger Bergan)

Roger Bergan – Roadhouse Rocking (Frank Wedde)

Roger Bergan – The King Has To Fall (Roger Bergan)

Roger Bergan – Roadtrip (Frank Wedde)

Roger Bergan – Perfect Plan (Frank Wedde)

Roger Bergan – New Generation (Frank Wedde)

Roger Bergan – Highwayman (Jimmy Webb)


Roger Bergan Skydiver Airplay Release



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