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* Please read the following notice before downloading the Celebrity Showcase Radio Shows as there can be no confusion as to whether these live shows took place or not

The Radio shows created below that you are about to download are not live shows but simply radio shows created to give the impression of a live show. The stars you will hear on these shows are not performing live and have never performed together or on their own at the HeroDome in CyberCity at any time. The HeroDome in CyberCity does not exist and is a fictitious place created only for the Celebrity Showcase Radio Show to promote the stars whose music are featured on the showcase. It is simply a radio show with a difference, please be aware of that and under no circumstances can it be said that these shows ever took place yesterday, today or tomorrow. 

The following Radio Shows are available for download to radio station and members worldwide

Please click on the radio show you would want to download. Once there you will be able to listen to the show or download it quick and easy, thank you and don’t forget to let us know when you will be airing the show so that we can add a press release to promote you show at the time of broadcast.

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AirplayExpress Celebrity Showcase Features Some of the Top Major and Independent Artists Today

This show features a Major Star featured side by side with an Independent Artist at the world-famous HeroDome in Cyber City. The show is introduced by Keith Bradford from Nashville’s NBRN.FM studios and presented by Frans Maritz. Each radio show features the hits songs of both the major artist and the independent artist. It is perceived to be recorded live in front of a live audience and creates the impression that it is, even though these stars have never performed together anywhere and that the HeroDome in CyberCity is a fictitious place created for the purposes of the Celebrity Showcase and does in fact not exist. The shows are available to all radio stations worldwide for airing on their networks as part of the membership agreement.

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  1. I found this show to be very entertaining whether it is a real show or not. It just goes to prove once and for all that you can mix Superstars with Indie Artists and have a great show.
    Keith Bradford
    Host/Ya Gotta Luv It Radio Show
    Nashville, TN

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