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AirplayExpress One Hour Keith Bradford Radio Special

Keith Bradford Current Bio: Keith Bradford has performed on the world famous Grand Ole Opry and fronted the Kitty Wells “Road Show,” for many years. He currently is enjoying his semi-retirement in Madison, TN just outside of Nashville. He still does his Mon. – Fri. radio show called “Ya Gotta Luv It” on NBRN.FM, oversees the very popular, “The Vault” radio show, and manages to host his own TV show called, “Nashville Seen.” Keith has never been one to not want to help any budding star that asks for his help. You can reach him by email which is or by phone 615-612-3899.


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Here are the songs included in this show and made famous by Singer Songwriter Keith Bradford

1. Let Your Lovelight Shine On Me

2.  Now And Then

Now and then is probably the most POP sounding record I ever made.  It is written by Jimmie Crane who wrote 8 number 1 songs in his songwriting career.  Recording artists that have recorded Jimmie’s songs include, Eddy Fisher, Doris Day, Juice Newton, Elvis Presley, The Manhattons, Roy Hamilton, Liberache, and a list too numerous to mention.  Now and Then was recorded at FIRESIDE recording studio in Nashville, TN.  It was produced by Porter Wagoneer and the string arrangements were written by Lloyd Wells who was the  Musical arranger for OPRYLAND USA at the time.  The string players were members of the Nashville Symphony.

3.  A Tribute To Kitty Wells

A tribute to kitty wells was written by Clyde. R. Birkla, Barbara Blevins, and myself.  When I recorded this song I was working as the bass guitar player and front man for Kitty and was a member of her world famous band called the tennessee Mountain boys.  The song contains within the lyrics the titles of 9 number one songs Kitty recorded.  If you are a Kitty Wells fan you should be able to pick them out as the song is sung.

4.  A Whole Lot Of Crying

A whole lot of crying was also written by Jimmie Crane and was written for Freddy Fender.  It was kind of a follow up to I’ll be there before the next teardrop falls which freddy had a huge hit on.  I don’t know why he never recorded the song but I am glad Jimmie asked me to give it a try.  It was one of my most requested songs while touring.

5.  Turn Around

Turn AROUND is written by Jimmy Snyder.  He had a recording on it and then lost his recording contract.  I was then given the song and recorded it originally in 1972.  This particular version you are about to hear is NOT the original recording.  The original did not have strings.  This version has also been re-mastered by Frans Maritz.

6.  Stealing Glances

STEALING GLANCES was written by Barbara Blevins, Clyde. R. Birkla and Keith Bradford.  Barbara actually wrote most of it from an experience at a funeral service.  She saw a married man staring at a married woman who was also staring back at him.  She thought how in appropriate for the two of them to be stealing glances at a funeral service. Frans Maritz produced a video pix on this song and you can find it on youtube.

7.  Baby Don’t Mention My Name

8.  Don’t Spare The Tears

9.  Yellow Roses

10.  Lola With The Nova

11. I picked A Rose For Mama

12. I Said I’d Never Miss You

13.  A Moment In Time

14.  Your Burning Kisses

15.  Don’t Blow Out The Candles

16.  Miller Road


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