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AirplayExpress One Hour Larry M Clark Radio Special

Larry M. Clark. also known as “The Old Chief”. is a retired Navy Chief, a disabled Vietnam Vet and a BMI songwriter. If all that is not enough, all Larry’s songs are originals written and sung by none other than Mr. Larry M Clark himself. His songs are all published by Ellemsee Music BMI Nashville and recorded at the world famous Java Jive Studio in Nashville Tennessee, mixed and mastered by Mark Moseley at Sound Control studios, Nashville TN. Larry has had half a dozen Top 10 hits worldwide on various Top 20 and Top 30 country charts and is currently in the South African Independent Superstars Hall Of Fame. Larry is very popular with DJ’s worldwide and is thankful that the Disc Jockeys play his songs so often on air.


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Here are 13 songs made famous by Singer Songwriter Larry M Clark

“Lucky From Kentucky” This song was written about a friend, along distance love with a twist

“Christina’s Song”  This is a true story. Our Grand Daughter, Christina Gates, at 8 years old was diagnosed with Childhood Cancer. With treatment, she went into remission. At 10 years old, the cancer came back. With a different treatment, to this day, she has been cancer free. She is now 22 years old is a beautiful young lady.

“Those Who Wait” After Christina’s medical treatment, I began thinking about her sister, Ashley, and what she had to go through during Christina’s illness. So I wrote a song about a sibling’s problems during another sibling’s serious health problems,
with Ashley in mind.

“Good Times Friends” This was a song that just popped into my head one night when I was meditating. Friends that always wanted something from me but never gave anything back. I’m sure that most people have had the same experience.

“We Still Love You, Jerry Lee” My tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis, my all-time favorite singer and pianist, both Rock & Roll and Country Western, using titles of his songs and his marital problems.

“Grandpa’s Guitar” The idea for this song was given to me by an old friend, Bill Weaver. It’s about a guitar that survived WWII, but it’s owner didn’t. His Grandson discovers it, learns the history about it and is given the guitar.

“Lightning Bugs” Basically a true story, except it was my Grandchildren, not my children. My children were city raised and there were very few lightning bugs, but now we live in the country with hordes of them and the Grandchildren go crazy chasing them.

“Coming Home Blues” This song was from my memories as career sailor. Taking leave, going home, and being bored after a couple of days. Friends were married or gone away. Hometown was changing from what I knew. I figured that there were other guys that felt the same as me. This song is for all of them.

“Fishing Creek” Living in Central Florida as a teenager in the 50’s, I saw ponds, lakes, and creeks ruined by thru phosphate industry. In service, heard stories from guys from West Virginia talking about coal mining doing the same thing. Felt this was probably happening in lots of places. My wife, Edie, who’s from Germany, told about a nuclear plant near her home ruining the best lake for swimming and fishing in the area.

“Jones Box” My Tribute to George Jones is a story about a man who uses George’s songs as an anti-depressant, a quarter at a time.

“If I Never See Her Again” This song deals with a breakup that ends with lots of bad feelings

“You Can’t Fool Me” Suspicions about losing a lover

“Rolling Stone” A favorite among the Larry M Clark fans and this song was included because it was voted on this show by Larry’s fans.

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