Matt Rex


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I (Karen) grew up with music. At family get together’s at my grandfather’s house, aunts, uncles, and cousins would all gather together on the porch with a guitar and sing. Today I am blessed having the same thing. On holidays, Matt brings his guitar and we gather in the family room and sing, the little ones dance. I LOVE IT. When Matt was little, he had a plastic guitar. I have a picture of him serenading his sister, singing Sneaky Snake. Matt has been in several bands, the first of which being a family band. Matt had gone to college and majored in music and now also teaches guitar lessons. When Matt was home, he would sit on the couch picking and strumming on his guitar. It was so relaxing, I love it. I (Karen) love to write lyrics, it’s like little stories, and it’s such fun just searching for ideas. Now Matt is getting interested in lyrics also. It is such a blessing to be able to share this experience and love with Matt, friend and family. For the love of music.

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Matt Rex – She’s Got A Cowboy At Heart [Karen Rechtzigel / Matt Rex]

Matt Rex – Courage Of The Red White And Blue [Karen Rechtzigel]



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