Linedance Express

For Those Of You Who Love Linedancing
This Is Where You Jump Onboard The LinedanceExpress

To add your Linedance steps and Linedance video to AirplayExpress simply email us with all your details and we will help you get your Linedance send out worldwide for all to start dancing the night away on the Linedance floorboards wherever they are within a matter of minutes so to speak.

We will send your LinedanceĀ Video and Linedance steps to all on our extensive list of Country music fans worldwide to download and by doing so making you famous as your name will be associated with your Linedance at all times.

So don’t hide your steps away let them step out of wherever you are hiding them and make “them steps” dance on the dance floors of the world where they were meant to be danced on.

Download the Free Step Sheet Here


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  1. That is absolutely awesome! You are a rare human being, Frans! I’m mighty proud to be associated with you, Brother. And I believe that with your inventiveness and steadfastness, you are going to continue to be an innovator – and to build and grow your already outstanding enterprises! God Be With You, Pardner! Sincerely, Donny

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