GospelExpress GPX02

Disc Jockey’s Please note to download the hits below for your radio playlist

Click On the Song Cover/sleeve below to download CD Quality mp3 for your playlists

AirplayExpress GospelExpress GPX#02 Now Available 4 Worldwide Airplay

As AirplayExpress launches its 2nd GospelExpress link to Radio and DJ’s worldwide, our mission is to seek out friendly DJ’s across the vast space of the galaxy’s to add these great songs to their amazing radio playlists for airplay

Disc Jockey’s Please note to download the hits below for your radio playlist 

Click On the Song Covers below to download a CD Quality mp3 for your playlists 

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GospelExpress GPX #02 Songlist

Dan Schafer – So [Barbara Blevins / Keith Bradford / Dan Schafer]

Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan – Here Today Gone Tomorrow [Jack Blanchard]

James Marvell and Joanne Cash – Time For Anew [Dennis DiChiaro]

Randy Albright – Open Door Policy [Pappy Jack Stracker/Tim Fogarty]

Dan Schafer – Jesus Jesus Is The Way [Barbara Blevins/KeithBradford/Dan Schafer]

James Marvell – Ashes Of My Sorrow [James Marvell]

Larry M Clark – Lord Loves Cowboys [Larry M Clark]

Wendy – It Just Took One Touch [Barbara Blevins Keith Bradford/Dan Schafer ]

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These Fresh Gospel Hits Now Available For Worldwide Airplay



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