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Independent Country Artists ‘Frans & Cathy’

Frans and Cathy Maritz are a husband and wife duo who started getting into music soon after they got married in 1993. However it was not until the late 90′ when they first started taking it serious. Frans got the idea of singing live with a Country line dancing group dancing behind them on stage. As this was the first time and perhaps in the world that Linedancers were used to dance behind a singer for an entire live show, instead of alone performing their dance routine to one or two linedancing tunes. He noticed that the line dancing groups he booked to dance behind him and Cathy just could not get used to the idea. So he turned to some of his new-found country friends and together he started what was to become  the Wildhorse Song and dance group, everyone in the group sang and everyone danced. This lasted about 5 years and because they could not get into the mainstream and gain the favor of the big Country stars in South Africa the group disbanded. The idea of a Country singer performing in front of a line dancing group did however soon became the norm in South Africa, as the legendary line dance group the Rodeo Dancers started performing with Lance James and have since successfully taken this idea to levels that the Wildhorse group just never could. After the Wildhorse group disbanded Frans & Cathy started recording their own original songs and although it took 5 years to complete using their own financing this CD was ready to be released. They hope that Disc Jockeys will listen to the original tracks and consider adding one or two to their playlists for radio airplay. “It’s not that we want to be stars, as we know our limitations, but it is really great hearing one of our songs on the radio now and again” Frans Maritz

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[sdm_download id=”4192″ fancy=”0″ new_window=”1″]Frans and Cathy  – Lets Try it again

[sdm_download id=”4199″ fancy=”0″ new_window=”1″]Frans & Cathy – Everybody Lookie Here [Frans Maritz]

[sdm_download id=”4203″ fancy=”0″ new_window=”1″]Frans & Cathy – My Baby Loves Them Cowboys [Frans Maritz]

Frans & Cathy – If I Ever Think Of Leaving You [Frans Maritz]

Frans & Cathy – Lazy Hazy Daizy [Frans Maritz]

Frans & Cathy – Oklahoma Girl [Frans Maritz]

Frans & Cathy – The Night They Play Those Songs [Frans Maritz]

Frans & Cathy – Blue Jeans Lady [Frans Maritz]

Frans & Cathy – I’ve Had Enough Of You [Keith Bradford / Frans Maritz]

Frans & Cathy – This Everlasting Love [Frans Maritz]

Frans & Cathy – Goodbye Baby [Frans Maritz]


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