Die Boere Generaal


The Boere Generaal (Boer General) tells the story of the Anglo Boer War in his own words and songs. All songs and dialogue is based on facts and are made available free to all and everyone interested in the what the Boer Nation had to sacrifice to protect their legitimate Republics of the Transvaal and the Orange Free State against the ruthless invasion of the British under the rule of Queen Victoria for the sake of gaining the diamond and gold fields of the Boer Republics. During this invasion the Boers who were mainly farmers had to protect and fights against the most sophisticated and powerful army the world had ever seen , yet the only way the mighty British Empire could win the war was to exterminate over 30000 of the Boer children and almost 10000 of the Boer commando’s wives. till this day the British have not apologized to the Boer Nation and have never been held accountable for the extermination of the Boer nation which was no different from the extermination of the Jews by Hitler less than 40 years later. These songs don’t specifically deal with the genocide but uses it as a background to the stories and melodies of these songs. The songwriter dedicates each and every one of the song on this compilation to the brave Commandos of the Boer Nation who fought and died to protect the freedom of their Boer Republics against the mighty Invading armies of the British empire.


1. Bloedrivier 1838 [Narration] (0:43)

2. Gee My Krag Vir My Land (4:00)

3. Verdedig Jou Plaas [Narration] (0:34)

4. Boereplaas (3:33)

5. Diamante en Goud [Narration] (0:32)

6. Jan Is ‘n Boer (3:31)

7. Ek Stuur Jou Rose (5:06)

8. Die Boere Generaal (3:13)

9. Die Konsentrasiekamp Lied (4:14)

10. Is Die Generaals Vermoor [Narration] (0:21)

11. Generaal Manie Maritz (2:48)

12. Konsentrasiekamp Stories (4:52)

13. Drome Van Vryheid [Narration] (0:12)

14. Die Heuwels Van Die Suide (4:07)

15. Die Vermoorde Kinders [Narration] (0:23)

16. Potchefstroom (4:16)

17. Hier Word Daar Teruggekyk [Narration] (0:13)

18. Die Boer En Sy Stryd (3:15)

19. Die Boer en Die Afrikaner [Narration] (0:21)

20. Bye Bye Afrikaner (3:05)

21. Die Boerevolk Wag Vir ‘n Leier [Narration] (0:11)

22. Ek Is Die Leier Van Die Boervolk (3:51)

23. Ons Sal En Ons Gaan Weer Vry Wees [Instrumetal]


Die Boer En Sy Stryd  [YouTube 3483Views]

Gee My Krag Vir My Land [YouTube 2344 Views]

Die Konsentrasiekamp Lied [YouTube 37094 Views]

Potchefstroom [YouTube 1423 Views][


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