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Old time Gospel in a new time Era. God is the same yesterday , today and tomorrow. I have never sang in my life and some might say I still don’t. But God says I do, for I sing for Him. I am a sixty-nine year old Grand mother of five, great-grandmother of two, who sings what is in my heart. As the old timers used to say, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket to hang it on a nail. I’ve always thought pitch was what you did on the softball field, but when God plants you in a small tiny country church in need of music and there is no one and the pastor on a whisper from God asks you to do something, well let me have you know God sometimes stands behind us and pushes us to the mark. I’m not a singer, I’m an evangelist of God, I sing because his eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me. Is there really another reason?




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1. Dena Wood – When I Saw Him Walk Out Of The Sky (3:27)

2. Dena Wood – If That Isn’t Love (4:12)

3. Dena Wood – Eternity has Two (3:13)

4. Dena Wood – Come To Far (4:17)

5. Dena Wood – Wait A Little Longer (2:39)

6. Dena Wood – God On The Mountain (2:34)

7. Dena Wood – How Long Has It Been (2:59)

8. Dena Wood – I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (2:27)

9. Dena Wood – I Know A Man (3:20)

10. Dena Wood – In The Valley (3:37)

11. Dena Wood – Ten Thousand Angels (4:03)

12. Dena Wood – The Old Love Letter (2:39)

13. Dena Wood – When Mercy Walked In (3:28)

14. Dena Wood – One More Valley (2:46)

15. Dena Wood – Too Much To Gain (3:09)



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