Cyber City Opry

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Cyber City Where All your Dreams Are Brought To Life

Cyber city, a fictitious place on the Internet, is the brain child of Frans Maritz from Wildhorse Entertainment and Airplay Express.  After hearing numerous times from Singers, Song Writers, Bands, and Musicians that their lifetime dream was to someday perform on the Grand Ole Opry, or in a giant stadium in front of thousands of people, Frans decided to do something about it.  Cyber City was created and within it’s downtown area there is The Cyber City Opry which takes place in the gorgeous Cyber City Opry House, as well as The Hero Dome where fans of all kinds of music can attend a concert in a stadium atmosphere.  The shows are produced by Frans Maritz and can be heard in their entirety at every week.  Each artist is interviewed back stage before the show starts by Keith Bradford from the  Nashville Broadcasting Network in a segment called Up Close And Personal.  You will hear the artists introduce their songs, tell a story, etc. as they entertain the audience and it’s all captured in a digital format recording to be enjoyed by anyone wishing to visit the website or hear it on several radio stations worldwide.

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012 CyberCityOpry Show ft The Opry Bonanza Ft all the stars of Opry Season One

011 CyberCityOpry Show ft Donna Cunningham Rose Angelica Marge Miller & Dana Jordan

010 CyberCityOpry Show ft Allen Karl Luanne Hunt Ed Dailey and Billy Mac

009 CyberCityOpry Show ft Larry M Clark David Wood Dana Jordan Wayne Jacobs Keith Bradford Frans & Cathy

008 CyberCityOpry Show ft Allen Karl Donna Cunningham & Rose Angelica

007 CyberCityOpry Show ft Freddie Hart Randy Barlow Bobby G Rice Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

006 Cyber City Opry Show September 09, 2017 ft Wayne Jacobs, Barbara Blevins, Dana Jordan & Keith Bradford

005 Cyber City Opry Show September 02, 2017 ft Bobby G Rice, Jackson Nickels & Ed Dailey

004 Cyber City Opry Show August 26, 2017 ft Keith Bradford, Frans & Cathy

003 Cyber City Opry Show Aug 19, 2017 ft Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan Dan Schafer & David Wood

002 The Cyber City Opry Show August 12, 2017 ft Freddie Hart, Billy Mac and Marge Miller 

001 The Cyber City Opry Show August 5, 2017 ft Randy Barlow, Luanne Hunt and Larry M Clark



Cyber City Opry — 13 Comments

  1. Oh man, I thought it was excellent. I can’t believe how much it sounds just like a real stage show. Thank you very much and I’m telling you, when I get myself healthy, I’m jumping into the music with both feet. There’s a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Nice job Keith

  2. Cyber City Opry is a dream come true for so many Artists. You have a Chance to be interviewed by the Host of the show, in this case being Mr. Keith Bradford. All artists get to entertain the audience with their talent and there have been Some great Independent artists on Cyber City Opry. It compares with The Grand
    Ole Opry in my book. Congratulations Frans Maritz, You Have Made History Again! Tune in NBRN.FM Saturday Nights at 8 PM to hear the great new show
    Cyber City Opry!

  3. I enjoyed being on the Cyber City Opry as a performer recently. I look forward next week to resuming my role as the host however. I really enjoy visiting with all of the artists backstage.
    Keith Bradford

  4. If you haven’t tuned in to Cyber City Opry, you don’t know what you are missing. I promise you some of the best entertainment around the World!
    Keith Bradford is a great host and his singing is over the moon, so on Saturday Nights tune into to NBRN. FM at 8 PM to listen to Cyber City Opry and their Special Guests.
    A big THANK YOU to FRANS MARITZ for this vision!

  5. This show is so real I told my wife we need to attend one of those shows some day. There are many Opry style shows on the Internet but this one is hands down the very best. It always sounds like the artists are having fun on this show. I like that.

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