Christmas Heroes #5

Wildhorse Entertainment Christmas Heroes # 5

Christmas Heroes #4 is now open for sleigh rides to Disc Jockeys and radio stations rotation playlists worldwide. As our 2016 Christmas Heroes arrive at our Santa Station we will load their songs here faster than a speeding reindeer. Right now we have almost filled Santa’s sleigh with Christmas Heroes being The Royal Guardsman, Luanne Hunt, T.Jae Christian, Dan Schafer, Clay Alston, Keith Bradford, James Marvell, Frans & Cathy. It is still early but we want to be fully loaded by Christmas and you could be on this compilation right now.

Disc Jockey’s Please note to download the hits below for your radio playlist

Right Click on the Song Titles Below To Download and press play to listen on player


Royal Guardsman – Snoopy’s Christmas

James Marvell – Prophecy

Keith Bradford – Christmas Is

Luanne Hunt Ft Royal Guardsman – Rudy’s Winter Break

Frans & Cathy – The Night They Play Those Songs

Dan Schafer – Christmas In Denver

Clay Alston – How Do I Wrap My Heart Up For Christmas




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