Christmas Heroes #1


Wildhorse Entertainment Christmas Heroes # 1

Wildhorse Entertainments first ever Christmas Compilation CD to airplay worldwide has done extremely well after just a few days of release. Disc Jockeys and Radio stations have been so very kind to download the songs off this Christmas compilation for their Christmas Season Radio shows and radio broadcast. Wildhorse Entertainments Christmas Heroes CD compilation consists of the following ‘Christmas Heroes’, Clay Alston, Donna Cunningham, Larry M.Clark, Wayne Jacobs, Allen Karl, Rhonnie Scheuerman, Dan Schafer, Barbara Blevins, Richard Draime, Judy Welden, Keith Bradford, Frans and Cathy. The Christmas Heroes on this Airplay Compilation know very well that y’all had helped them to do this,  and therefore salute you for your faith in their music and playlisting so many of these tracks.


Disc Jockey’s Please note to download the hits below for your radio playlist

Right Click on the Song Titles Below To Download and press play to listen on player

ChristmasHeroes01adividingline1Larry M. Clark – First Christmas Bell [Larry M Clark]

Allen Karl – With Bells On [Dolly Parton]

 Donna Cunningham – Please Come Home For Christmas

Richard Draime – Fireside Memories [Rhonnie Scheuerman]

Wayne Jacobs – A Child Born For You And Me [Wayne Jacobs]

Clay Alston – How Do I Wrap My Heart Up For Christmas [Clay Alston]

Judy Welden – Waiting For You Neath The Christmas Tree [Judy Welden]

Allen Karl – It’s Not Christmas

Donna Cunningham – Pretty Paper [Willie Nelson]

Richard Draime – Just For You At Christmas [Rhonnie Scheuerman]

Dan Schafer – Christmas In Denver [Barbara Blevins/Clyde Birkla/Keith Bradford]

Judy Welden – This Christmas Spread His Love [Rhonnie Scheuerman/Judy Welden]

Allen Karl – Santa Looks A Lot Like Daddy

Donna Cunningham – Rockin’ Little Christmas

Richard Draime – Credit Card Christmas [Richard Draime]

Frans & Cathy – The Night They Play Those Songs [Frans Maritz]











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