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Roger Stephens, The writer of Wounded Warrior began playing the piano at the age of five while having to climb up on a stool to play his parents upright piano. While his Dad practiced with the Southern Gospel Quartet Roger had the task of learning to listen for harmonies. Roger’s Dad, now in his Eighties still has a beautiful tenor voice. Roger played in and around the Tallahassee area and often had to fill in with the band that backed up Billy Dean when he came down from Nashville to the North Florida area which was also his old stomping grounds. Little did either of them know at the time that a mutual friend and musician, Marvin Goldstein would bring all of their talents together to champion the cause of veterans. When Marvin and Roger were recording the demo of Wounded Warrior, Marvin who often tours with Billy, Immediately thought of Billy as the voice of the song. The Nashville recording soon followed with Billy and co-producer Ray Burnette and what seemed a destined meeting with Bruce Goodwin. Bruce who had many years of experience working side by side with producers for all the great country stars, landed a deal with for them with Nashville label KMA Records. Roger later said that Billy referred to all these steps as, “A God Thing”, and “I guess he was right, I am very grateful to Bruce for putting us in touch with Keith Bradford and all the folks at KMA Records. I know they’ll make our veterans proud. So here is, Wounded Warrior and thank a veteran today, for your freedom,” Roger Stephens.

Pictured Below Billy Dean, Roger Stephens writer of  “Wounded Warrior” and his wife Susan




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Wounded Warrior ( Roger Stephens) – Billy Dean



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