Airplay Express APX01

APX01 Promo01Jan2016  Disc Jockey’s Please note to download the hits below for your radio playlist 

Click On the Song Titles below to download a CD Quality mp3 for your playlists


AirplayExpress is proud to release its very first Radio Airplay Compilation CD to Radio Worldwide With some of the greatest artists of all time, Pat Boone, Ernest Tubb and Ernie Ashworth. Also on board are International Superstars Keith Bradford, Linda Welby,  Mike Contoni, Larry M Clark, Charlie Painter and Charlotte Bradford joining us on this our first AirplayExpress Adventure

AirplayExpress launches it’s very first Express link to Radio and DJ’s worldwide. As we blast off on this exciting Voyage seeking out friendly DJ’s across the vast space of our galaxy’s to add these great songs to their amazing radio playlists for airplay

The Artists Below Are Now Ready To Perform For y’all In No Particular Order

APX001Header1     Click On the Song Titles Below to download a CD Quality mp3 for your playlists

01 – Pat Boone & Linda Welby – What’s The Reason [Linda Welby]

02 – Ernie Ashworth – God’s Grand Ole Opry [Patt Babbs]

03 – Ernest Tubb – I Aint Been Right Since You Went Wrong [Pete Drake]

04 – Charlotte Bradford – You’re Out Of Control [Keith Bradford]

05 – Larry M Clark – If I Never See Her Again [Larry M Clark]

06 – Charlie Painter – Walkin In The Bayou [Bob Delaposa]

07 – Mike Contoni – Friends [Mike Contoni]

08 – Keith Bradford – Stealing Glances [Barbara Blevins / Clyde R.Birkla / Keith Bradford]


The Artists below are now ready to perform for y’all in no particular order

Click On the Song Titles Above to download a CD Quality mp3 for your playlists



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