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This page Will Feature The Various Promotional Packages Offered To You On AirplayExpress

Created With The Intention Of Helping To Promote Your Music & Radio Shows Worldwide



AirplayExpress’s various Promotional Packages for Airtist’s Worldwide wanting to promote their New Hit songs to Radio Worldwide


Let us promote your new hit song on AirplayExpress for worldwide radio airplay. AirplayExpress has been doing this for a number of years now and have helped many artists get airplay and chart action. Most of all our promoted songs feature on our Charts due to the amount of Radio Stations and DJ’s who download the songs directly from our professional mailshots we send out to the music industry. We also have our own playlist board for DJ’s to post, as they feel the need to, their playlists for all to see. AirplayExpress gathers all this information plus from the playlists sent in to us by email to formulate our charts. All this comes at a price of $130 per song till December 31, 2018.


The following is what we do to promote your hit song for you:

  • We make up a professional banner which is used to promote your song to the music industry.
  • We remaster your song if needed and ID TAG it with either your CD cover or we make up a new one for you
  • The compilation your song will be added to

    Convert your song to CD quality 320kbps if it is not at that quality

  • We then add your song to a webpage under a AirplayExpress Compilation where your song is place with its CD sleeve for download to the music industry. This also includes your own music player where the DJ’s can sample your song before downloading it for airplay.
  • Once your song is featured on AirplayExpress for worldwide airplay, we then send it out on its own promotional Mailshot to not less than 3500 radio stations, DJ’s and music professionals worldwide.
  • The mailshot is sent out by a professional mailing company and the mailshot includes your banner, your song’s name , the songwriter and most importantly your name or groups name.
  • Once the mailshot is sent out we start gathering information on your song and this determines your position on the AirplayExpress charts.
  • Once the charts are drawn up they are professionally recorded, edited and mastered and sent out to radio stations for airplay as well as to you the artist.(This is Optional as advertisers are needed to complete this point)
  • Your song will also remain on AirplayExpress for radio stations and DJ’s to download and air at anytime in the future.
We hope you will try us, for if you do you will not have to wonder if your song is out there you will see that it is on AirplayExpress your trusted music delivery service.
RadioWorld Network’s various Promotional Packages for Disc Jockey’s Worldwide wanting to add their Amazing shows to Radio World
We would like to feature your shows on RadioWorld for free, however, there are costs involved. For RadioWorld to feature the show with all the banners etc., and to keep it on standby for Radio stations to download whenever they want to include it into their radio station schedule. RadioWorld has detailed a price option below
The way RadioWorld works is that if you add a show to your RadioWorld page which we create for you, it stays there and does not get replaced by a new show until you reach the limit of your deal option below.
 The following Has been approved to cover Time and Costs to AirplayExpress:
  • To add only one show of 30 or 60 minutes a fee of $15 per show.
  • To add up to 5 shows as above $12 donation per show
  • To add up to 10 shows a year $11 donation per show
  • To add up to 20 shows a year $ 10 donation per show
The money needs to be up front once your page is up and running with a least one show available for download. The extra shows as per above deal can be added all at once or one a week as per your request, however the full amount needs to be paid up front once you are initially listed on AirplayExpress
Your page will look similar to the one on the link below, however we can add anything to the page that you want regarding your shows. Each show can have a full playlist if that is what you want, or you can just add the name of the show and the download or listening links.
Click on this link and then on all the shows available for now, to give you an idea as to how your page will look as these will be similar.
Each show will stand out with its own banners and info, and for that reason we need the donations for all work involved on our part. Its not just a Radio web site where the shows are all thrown into a ‘sale barrel’ and everyone hopes someone will pull their show out of the barrel for radio airplay. We want to make RadioWorld special and if it takes longer to do so because there is a donation to be paid, it unfortunately will be the only way I can do it.
I hope that you will consider the above and if I may respectful make a suggestion, why not try one show at $15, truth be told you can hardly get a burger, chips and a soft drink for that these days at fast food outlet (lol) If after you have done that and later within reason, want to increase your deal for more shows, we will gladly deduct your initial payment off your new deal, but that will be your call.
All inquiries to be mailed to thank you